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A push for worldwide digitalisation, no more dependency on China and energetic transition

Starting the post-lunch session with a Just Dance punishment, the Economic and Social Committee has targeted developing countries’ –as some states’ representatives chose to call it– dependency on Western states’ investment as one of the main obstacles for sustainable development. Some countries, namely Tunisia, Finland and the G7 expressed the need for further digitalisation of developing countries as means to strengthen democratic governance as well as their economic growth. On the other hand, countries such as Argentina declared there are other sectors in need of investment such as public health facilities.

On top of this, Japan emphasized the risk of allowing countries such as Congo and Côte d’Ivoire to fall into the trap of China’s dependency. For this reason, Japan expressed the need of spanning the countries providing infrastructure and expanding the digitalisation of developing countries. Adding to this, Congo stated their concern caused by the high dependency of the country on foreign investment and also the need to diversify such investment involving more countries. On their side, Côte d’Ivoire recalled the importance of expanding access to the internet across the country before the discussion moved on to discussing countries’ divergent and by far uneasy energetic transition.


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