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FSE Faculty Council elections 2021

The elections for the FSE faculty council are taking place between the 17th and the 20th of May 2021. The FSE faculty (Faculty of Science and Engineering) comprehends over 2400 students from science, engineering, technology as well as liberal arts and science programmes. The FSE faculty council is elected every year from staff and students of FSE and its role within the faculty is comparable to the one of the university council within the overall UM university. This year, four student parties (lists) are competing in the FSE faculty council elections. Let’s look at who they are and what they are trying to put forward.


Five candidates are running as representatives of List 1, DOPE. Their election program includes reconnecting students after the pandemic by initiating a reintegration process as well as creating more interactive ways of examining students for tutors and examiners. They also propose to foster an environmentally friendly and sustainable faculty and continue having recorded lectures even after online education.

Check out our interview with Rozemarijn Kahle to get to know more about the party.

List2 – NovUM FSE

Seven students are part of List 2, NovUM in the FSE faculty. Their program is structured along six areas of improvement: education, including for example revising studying methods used during the pandemic and how they could be kept also in the future; social life and connections, such as organizing social events and fostering more international exchange between students. The third area would be life at FSE, which entails creating a more transparent and open council and a more affordable housing for students. They also propose improvements in mental health, sustainability as well as inclusivity.

Check out our interview with Ena Skrijelj to know more about NovUM and their initiatives.

List3 – KAN Party FSE

List 3, KAN Party includes 7 students from FSE this year. Kan party is a coalition of students and local climate organizations which want to fight for climate justice and a more sustainable university. The party also aims at making a systemic change by putting forward concrete actions and positively improving the faculty.

Check out our interview with Freddie Leppert to read more about the KAN party and their ideas.

List4 – Ignite – Our Scientific Thrive in Maastricht

List 4 is run by one student who wants to make FSE a more innovative and scientific faculty, fostering an open and creative mindset for all students.


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