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SBE Faculty Council Elections 2023

The upcoming elections for the next student members of the Faculty Council are taking place between May 8 (starting at 8:00) and May 11 (ending at 18:00). Similar to the University Council, the Faculty Council includes students, academic staff, and support staff members. Its purpose is to discuss all faculty-related matters and grant advice. Twelve members and one secretary are in the SBE Faculty Council. The current secretary is Peter Van Wersch, who was the Executive Secretary at GGD South Limburg and Rabobank Parkstad Limburg. He also completed his doctorandus degree in Business Economics at UM in 1993.

Student voters may choose among 3 lists:

List 1: Max for SBE Council

Max is a tutor with a Youth and Trainee Representation background. While he is interested in “advocating for the interests of others”, improving student livelihood at Maastricht University, and representing the voices of students, his specific goals as a member of the Council are unclear.

Find more information about Max on his Linkedin.

List 2: MSRP Dope

This list presents eight candidates for the SBE Faculty Council. Their focus consists of four main points: education quality, the social integration of students, the efficiency of study places, and lower costs for SBE students. Firstly, they pledge to improve the quality of SBE tutors through a screening process, in which the tutor’s relevant knowledge of the course is assessed. Next, they aim to coordinate workshops and other activities to bring students together and aid new students in their adjustment to SBE. To improve study space efficiency, MSRP Dope seeks to promote the reservation system for students to book tutorial rooms at Tongersestraat 53 for study purposes. Finally, they focus on organising lower costs of “life at SBE”, such as cutting down cafeteria prices and changing the need to mandatorily purchase software for certain courses.

Find more information about MSRP Dope and the candidates on their website.

List 3: NovUM SBE

For the Council elections, NovUM SBE presents eight candidates, with four key focus points: sustainability, a support network for housing, flexibility and support in education, and internationalisation. They aim for SBE to be more environmentally friendly by encouraging reusable cups and regulating facilities to encourage sustainable behaviour. Housing support is proposed by emailing students with recommended, reliable online platforms up to four months before their courses begin. For education, NovUM promotes flexible course requirements and informative communication for students, focused on improving internship possibilities and student knowledge of current SBE affairs. Finally, for students to meet their international peers, the party proposes an Information Market at the beginning of every year.

Find more information about NovUM SBE and the candidates on their website.


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