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SBE Faculty Council Elections 2022

The upcoming elections between the 16th to 19th of May will decide next year’s SBE Faculty Council members. The Faculty Council is the representative body of the faculty that includes members of the student population as well as academic staff and support and management staff. The council's purpose is to issue advice regarding all faculty matters both through solicitation or initiative. The council consists of a Council Secretary (Peter Van Wersch) and twelve members.

More information about the Faculty Council and the other bodies can be found here.

Student voters can choose among 3 different lists:

List 1: NovUM SBE

List one is represented by NovUM with seven candidates running for positions this year. NovUM SBE’s manifesto focuses on five main aspects regarding education, entrepreneurship, sustainability, discrimination, and mental health. The candidates seek to improve these points through policies concerning student involvement in faculty decisions as well as engagement in more career opportunities. Sustainability and discrimination are taken into account through collaboration with the Tapijn Sustainability Hub and support to the ‘Bloody Serious’ movement for free period products at SBE.

Find more information about the candidates and the party on their website.

List 2: KAN & USM

The Kan & USM list puts forward eleven candidates for the SBE Faculty Council. The party’s main focus on sustainability is central to their proposal. Spreading awareness about climate change and environmentalism is their main mission, therefore their policies center around making each faculty more sustainable. Diversity and inclusivity are also key in the party’s manifesto, claiming more affordable guesthouses, decolonized curricula, and improving the accessibility of UM for POC students and staff. To encourage students’ and staff’s involvement in student politics, they demand more transparency through better communication of information about UM’s internal and external functioning.

Find more information about the candidates and the party on their website.


DOPE presents seven candidates for the SBE Faculty Council. Their claims are explained in five main points. To improve the quality of guidance for first-year students, they aim to provide a contact person to ensure help through transitional hurdles. Along with encouraging social interaction for students, their goal is to increase opportunities for hybrid education by providing an online version of lectures. Finally, ensuring the quality of education by improving the screening of tutors and expanding the availability of study spaces.

Find more information about the candidates and the party on the election page.


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