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[POLITICO] A victory for the center coalition in the European Parliament for cultural diplomacy Regulation

An interview with a Renew representative celebrated the final draft Regulation that was passed in the EP’s final session this Sunday in the Brussels legislature. 

According to the MEP, what turned the debate around was a last minute coalition with the European People’s Party (EPP), which confirmed a solidified majority in the Parliament. What originally had seemed to be a discussion on cultural diplomacy largely dominated by the right turned into an agreement of Renew, EPP, and the left. Right-wing parties of European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), Identity and Democracy (ID) and Hungarian Fidesz (non-inscript) attempted to vote against the final document, but the majority prevailed. The Greens reportedly abstained. 

The Regulation, which will enter in force on January 1st 2025, confers the right to a digitalized cultural visa. The debates purported by the right against unregulated immigration at the start of deliberations were in the end set aside completely, and even the more moderate position supporting limitations to the granting of cultural visas for migrant workers was excluded. 

As a Regulation, this piece of legislation is binding on all EU countries in its entirety, as well as directly applicable and enforceable by Union citizens in its integral text.

EuroMUN Committee: European Parliament (EP)


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