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[Reuters] Currency holding thresholds

Today the European Central Bank was talking about currency holding thresholds and anti-speculation measures and complementarity of CBDC (Sustainability of CBDCs).

Here a short brief:

Banco de Espana and Banque de France pointed out that cryptocurrency must not be involved in this discussion.

Banque de France says that 3000 is too less cash, especially for corporate and businesses. At least 10000 cash is desired for businesses and corporates. This is logical, because businesses generally have more money than individuals.

Eventually, most delegates agreed a currency holding threshold of 3000 euros for tier 1 with the option for waterfall accounts which are temporary digital wallets especially suitable for tourists. It works like this: tourists can store up to 3000 dollars in their digital wallet and if this amount is exceeded, the exceeded amount is automatically stored in a European bank account. Tier 2 was still being discussed and updates on this will hopefully become available tomorrow.

- Lars Hamers, Economic Correspondent for Reuters


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