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It’s been a Fugging week

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Diverse as the news was this week, there does seem to be a shared theme of twists in this last week of November. Here is the rerun.

Football fans have said goodbye to Diego Armona Maradona, who passed away this past weekend. The football superstar died of heart related issues in his home in Tigre, surround by his family. Spain, as well as the rest of the world, has mourned the death the death of Maradona. In the funeral home in Buenos Aires, Maradona made his last headline, when an employee caught worldwide (negative) attention for taking a selfie with the body of the icon. Claudio Fernandez, who posed along with his son, has since been fired from the funeral home, and has expressed deep regret about the situation.

More lighthearted news came from Austria. The small village by the name of "Fucking" has finally had enough. The mayor reported that the city sign got stolen so many times, that the city has decided to change their name to "Fugging". He hopes this will seize the endless thievery of the signs, and “keep our name out of the news for once”.

Lately, some news broadcasts have exclaimed “less terrorist attacks from ISIS!”. Some have linked this to the corona virus, and the toll this might have taken on the organisation. But experts came out with a more concerning conclusion this week. ISIS is taking part in less terrorist attacks because they are too busy expanding their organisation. They are now active in 27 countries, 7 more than last year. US officials have reported that although the UN and national armies are succeeding in cutting off ISIS leaders, this is not stopping the internal mentality and ideology from growing. There have also been sounds of ISIS members declaring war on Al Qaeda, although this seems to mostly be coming from individual members rather than an organisation-wide declaration.

Finally, there is an internationally supported investigation of the origin of Covid-19. Eleven months after the start of the pandemic, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is sending a team of ten international scientists to Wuhan, where the virus started december of 2019. The research will prove to be a political minefield, according to specialists. The Chinese government has obvious stakes in this; they will be trying their hardest to prove this is not a ‘“Chinese virus”. This nickname for Covid-19 has sticked with the virus, a term popularised by President Trump and his campaign. President-elect Biden has already declared that this investigation in Wuhan will be supported by his government as well.


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