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[AFP] China describing own initiative as “death-trap” in WTO

According to sources, China has described its own Belt and Road initiative as “death-trap” in the World Trade Organization on Friday afternoon, fueling concerns about the nation’s controversial investments. 

As a third working paper enters the floor where unanimous votes are necessary, the debate in organization turns heated. A source that wishes to remain anonymous has told reporters about a comment by the delegation of China, who described its controversial Belt and Road initiative as a “death-trap.”

The Chinese initiative, which aims to fund infrastructure projects in developing nations, is under harsh criticism from economic experts, who question Chinese intentions. “The Initiative is tying developing countries to the Asian giant,” one spokesperson told reporters. 

China has yet to address these concerns, but sources close to the Chinese delegation describe the situation as a misunderstanding by a fellow delegate . Due to AFPs code of conduct the editorial board chose not to print these remarks against the hearing abilities of the Island’s Delegation.

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