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[The Guardian]“Worth Nothing. Nothing!”

Early morning shouting could be heard today at the UNHRC session as the delegate of Israel dramatically tore apart the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness, claiming that it is “worth nothing. Nothing!”. The text aims to reduce and protect individuals against the threat of statelessness and it is the pillar of this Convention. Israel, however, has reminded the other delegates that these UN conventions are not legally binding and every state should maintain its right of sovereignty, without external intervention. In return to this action, the delegate of the United Kingdom has released to us a statement, criticising Israel for their lack of “constructive criticism”.

We ask ourselves how can solutions on the grave issues be found if member states spent the majority of the time calling each other out, looking at whoever is doing best or worst to tackle the issue of statelessness, whichever is the least or most discriminatory laws. At last, we have seen little empathy, with the Israel delegation with no sign of compassion nothing that the “Palestinian population is having a hard time”.

Throughout all of this, the delegate of the People's Republic of China has remained strangely quiet even after being repeatedly called out by other delegates for its issues with displacement and statelessness.

-Marta De Grandi- The Guardian correspondent


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