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Who is your prospective room-mate?

Finding a room in Maastricht can be a mission. By now that’s not a secret anymore. Almost everyone knows the struggle and people are getting more and more creative to be successful. The question is: How to stand out from the masses? After only one look at the posts on Facebook you can tell how desperate people are. Now you might expect them to present themselves in the best light when having a viewing, but I have to disappoint you. Let me share my experience with you when I was looking for new flatmates.

Since 99% of the people write the same in their post you have to make a random decision of whom you invite for a viewing. All of a sudden everyone is “really open-minded, easy-going, sociable, responsible, likes to cook and to hang out and to go for a beer”.

You show them around, talk about the conditions and ask them to tell you a little bit about themselves. That’s how they look like in reality:

The game addict:

“How good is the Wi-Fi? Cause I’m really into online games and I can spend hours on my laptop. At my old place the internet connection was quite bad, and I lost some games because of that. Would be great if that wouldn’t happen here. Also, I love having friends over and throwing LAN-parties. But when it comes to video games, I can play as if there is no tomorrow. But don’t worry, I also do other stuff in my free time. Have you ever been to the Gamescom? We could go together next time, if you want.”

The study nerd:

“My studies have absolute priority, I’m not here to make new friends. It might happen that I forgot to eat sometimes cause I’m so focused. So don’t be surprised if I don’t leave my room for a couple of hours, that’s normal for me. I just want to warn you, I hate it when I get disturbed but of course I’d be up to have some study sessions. I’m sure you can understand that and that you feel the same way.”

The house party queen:

“I love the place! It literally calls for a party! In the corridor we could put a table for beer pong. Here and there some decoration and all the booze can be in the kitchen. Every guest has to take a shot before entering. Its’ gonna be lit! What do you think? I also have great speakers which should be enough for the entire flat. Yeah, as I already wrote in my post, I’m really sociable and I can promise you, it’s never gonna be boring with me.”

The everything but tolerant:

“I’m actually really easy-going, there is just a few things a can’t handle. For example, small crumbs in the kitchen are a no-go. Also, I’m tolerant but I’m vegan and I would highly appreciate it, if there is no meat in the fridge. Another thing I don’t like are spontaneous visitors. I don’t mind people coming over but please ask me before. Oh and, please switch off the light in the corridor after 10pm, I need my sleep. Other than that, I’m fine with everything.”

The one looking for “hotel Mama”:

“I can’t wait to move out from home and to finally live without my parents. But I have to admit, I don’t really know how to cook or to do the laundry. You know, at home I never had to do anything, and I’m used to that. Either my mum or our made did everything for us. But that shouldn’t be a problem, you look like someone who is really organised and knows how to run the house.”

The best friend 24/7:

“I’m so glad you invited me for a viewing. Seems like a perfect match! I feel lonely quite easily and that’s why I was looking for a shared flat. We can have breakfast, lunch and dinner together, we can watch movies, go for a drink or go shopping. Are you also at UM sports? We could go the gym together. Maybe we can also join the same student associations. Aww, I think it’s gonna be great, we could spend some real quality time.”

The stoner:

“Since we’re in Maastricht I’m sure you’re fine with smoking, right? A joint a day keeps the doctor away. I mean it’s the only way to handle the stress here and everyone does it. There is nothing better than starting the day with some weed hot chocolate, who needs coffee? A friend of mine just gave me a recipe, we should try it sometime soon. Who cares about Christmas, the only holiday I actually celebrate is 420.”

Have you found yourself in one of these stereotypes? Or maybe you have made similar experiences while looking for a new flat mate. To everyone out there who is still on the hunt: Good luck! You will need it!

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