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UNSA x JEF: Municipal elections panel discussion

Did you know about the municipal elections of Maastricht on the 16th of March?

These elections take place every four years and unlike other elections in the Netherlands, they are open to all EU citizens registered in Maastricht and non-EU citizens who have lived in the Netherlands for at least 5 years.

Perhaps you have already received your voting pass and questions crossed your mind, or you are wondering why you as a student should vote if you are leaving in a couple of years.

UNSA Maastricht and JEF have organized an informational panel discussion on Tuesday, the 8th of March. The panelists were:

• Klaartje Peters, Professor of Local and Regional Governance

• Representatives from the parties RE:SET, Volt, GroenLinks, VVD & PvdA

Watch the full debate here!


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