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[The Rapid Roman] “Carthago delenda est” - Mighty Rome Declared War on Carthage

[14:51] A war declaration: “Carthago delenda est”. Strategic planning becomes heated. Stress is real.

The great Roman Cabinet just declared war on the Carthaginians, who attacked us Romans this morning. Of course, they lost against our mighty soldiers in Pontia. Our courageous members of Cabinet are deeply committed to planning the best attack possible. New updates that the Cabinet received from the Carthaginian side are sparking discussions on what Carthaginians are currently spending their money on. Simultaneously there are discussions on naval warfare and who to kill.

[15:00] Breaking News: Romans are attacked in Uxentum, where only a few brave Roman garrisons are currently stationed.

[16:17] Unfortunately, we have lost several battles, including the attack on Uxentum, yet this has only rekindled our Roman soldiers’ heroic spirits! Our troops will avenge our fellow Romans so cruelly murdered by the beasts that are the Carthaginians. Our Cabinet members are dutifully planning strategic ways on how to destabilise the Punic forces. “We have to be more offensive”, emphasises one of the Cabinet members.

[16:28] An uproar goes through the Cabinet, as the Punics launch a new attack. What will our Cabinet decide to do?

- Livia Aurelia Littera, Correspondent for The Rapid Roman


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