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[The Onion] Ghosts caught at law faculty

Since Thursday, the law faculty has been buzzing with students taking part in EuroMUN - although perhaps a little less so this morning. However, it seems the students are not the only ones present in the building. Over the past few days, people have become increasingly aware of a strange presence in the halls of the faculty.

Several odd incidents have unfolded over the course of the four-day conference, such as the eerie noises that could be heard from the European Parliament on Saturday afternoon. Yet another phenomenon was brought to the attention of members of the press.

As the popular rumors have it, a delegate once arrived late in last year's United Nations Security Council (UNSC) committee. This delegate was never to be seen again. The sudden disappearance was explained by a cursed tie that the unfortunate delegate was wearing. 

The Onion takes the safety of fellow EuroMUN participants extremely seriously, and therefore took matters into their own hands. Journalists from the Onion and paranormal experts have been investing in hallways of the law faculty in search of the wandering ghost of the former delegate.

Through a stroke of luck, our photographers managed to catch a glimpse of the apparition.

The ghost of EuroMUN 2024 in the hallway in zone D (credits: Mercure Libbrecht Gourdet / Magnum)


Will it continue to haunt the law faculty during future versions of EuroMUN? Only time will tell. In the meantime, the Onion urges everyone inside the faculty to act with the utmost caution and stay on the lookout for any spirit roaming in the halls.


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