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[The Daily News] Peace and Power: an oxymoron?

Russia announced their peaceful intentions for the drafting of an agreement act on Friday at noon, a thought Italy shall not accept as France and Russia rejected a Peace Treaty, causing unlimited doubts on the achievement of a peaceful act. 

Earlier on Friday morning, Russia threatened an invasion on the Ottoman Empire creating extreme chaos and disruptions, after France craved the protection rights of the Christians held by Russia, Agence Havas reported

During a much thrilled debate, Russia addressed the confusion, showing their thoughtful wish of a peaceful agreement. The darkness placed on the Ottomans finally lightened – or so it seemed. 

Reports showed the ongoing skepticism of Italy, stating that Russia's peaceful claims are a disguised approach for acquiring power.

Russia flipped the mirror, reflecting Italy's desire for war, emanating the possibility of disturbance, not caused by Russia, but by Italy's said selfish views. 

Italy clarified their intentions, specifying their strive for not only self-determination, but also self-preservation. The countries battled each other without any winning party, though still no white flags in the horizon. 

Italy said it felt neglected, for no countries seemed to share their intentions for peaceful acquisitions until the refusal of a Peace Treaty by Russia and France that shifted opinions of the Ottoman Empire and Austria requesting detailed justifications for the unexpected refusal. 

Russia showed its understanding towards the Ottoman empire's concern, but considered that only the concerned countries may hold the right to contest a treaty that may put at stake their power. 

The heated debate towards the drafting and acceptance of a Peace Treaty appears never-ending. Countries find obstacles in the achievement of peace and doubts rise when distinguishing peace and power, perhaps opposites that may not align.

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