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Same (rules of) procedure as every year - Opening EuroMUN 2023

As every year during a weekend in May, the cobblestone streets of Maastricht are filled with business suits, blue tote bags and more name tags than any Under Secretary General of Registrations can hold, it is on the Maastricht Diplomat to not just cover the following next days, but also give our warmest of welcome.

The clicking of my keyboard is accompanied by the speeches of the opening ceremony, as well as a panel discussion between three guest speakers on sustainable finance. Among them, UNSA Alumni, in fact former EuroMUN Deputy Secretary General, Piotr Sanejko, who is now working as a programme manager at the European Commission. So perhaps, a conference that prides itself on being the bridge between Model United Nations and Model European Union is not just a simulation, but a stepping stone towards a EU/global governance career in any of the 13 committees present and beyond.

In its simplest form, EuroMUN is one of many simulations of the United Nations at which students from across the world gather - for this particular edition in the city of Maastricht - to play pretend international relations. But that is a vast oversimplification of the dedication, passion and work that have gone into the next four days. A mere year ago, current Secretary General Kritihk Rock was voted into his position, and now his team of 28 members is proudly hosting 250 delegates, chairs, and of course press members. The next four days will be spent debating under the motto of “Sowing Seeds of Stability to Harvest the Solutions of Tomorrow” in our beautiful Faculty of Law. Every aspect of the next four days, from the sticker in your goodie bag to the arrival of international chairs and delegates has been meticulously organised - and we salute the efforts each of the staff members have taken. From the European Parliament over the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and NATO to a Historical Crisis on the Punic Wars, there is truly nothing that will not be debated on. Of course, there is no business without a party, so we are excited to partake in a scavenger hunt, go on a boat party and finish off strong at the masquerade gala.

Whether in a speech on the general speaker’s list, in an unmoderated caucus or when passing note paper down to your fellow delegates, this year’s international press corps is excited to cover any aspect of the debate that the floor is now officially open to. And if you happen to be a chair reading this, remember that the press is not only a pillar of democracy, but also a great tool to get your delegates back on track (or to tackle any misinformation).

Happy EuroMUN 2023 from the in-house International Press Corps, we now yield the floor back to you (and are happy to receive any leaks)!

P.S.: The Maastricht Diplomat is proud to have once again made a Printed Edition together with EuroMUN and UNSA's Marketing Team and if you happen to not be at EuroMUN, you will still be able to read the whole magazine starting Sunday!


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