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[Reuters] Misunderstanding: Colombia clarifies declaration of war against Venezuela

Colombia reportedly declared war on Venezuela to create a Gran-Colombia, at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting on Friday afternoon, a statement the Latin American countries said was a metaphor for the ongoing territorial dispute over the Essequibo territory in Guyana. 

The Venezuelan delegation told reporters that they were “in a state of shock” following Colombia’s initial threat, adding they would defend themselves should they be attacked. The country has placed troops at its borders, but has not set foot in the Essequibo region, a contested territory belonging to Guyana. 

Sources within the UNSC, who asked to remain anonymous, informed Reuters of the remark by the Colombian delegate. In a following press conference, the declaration was clarified by Colombia: Its threat of war was meant as a metaphor for Venezuela to come face to face with its actions in the Essequibo region. 

The Colombian delegation apologized to Venezuela for the misunderstanding, stating its continued interest in a peaceful solution.

They stated how they “wanted to use this metaphor to iterate that international law must be followed at all costs.”

Another former nation of Gran-Colombia, Ecuador, saw the comments as threats to the nation‘s sovereignty, even without explicit mention of its name. 

Analysts said the crisis over this misunderstanding was illustrative of the tensions in the region, adding that it was unclear if the UNSC would be able to de-escalate should the situation turn violent. 

Consensus of all five permanent members is needed for an intervention of the council. 

Venezuela accepted Colombia’s apology and their fellow delegates expressed that this skirmish has not put a damper or an acceleration towards a resolution.

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