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Pursuit of European Parliament negotiations for a Social Union

Today’s round of debate still dragged on collective bargaining, as the parties struggled to work together towards an agreement, rather staying stuck in their positions. The EPP maintained that homogenised collective bargaining would be too invasive notably for families, who should get to manage their budget on their own terms. USR disagreed, arguing that unions and setting up minoring standards from collective bargaining is actually not an infringement on the freedom of families because it might create better opportunities for all workers. Other Parties such as the Vlaams Belang underlined that collective bargaining should not be neglected as it contributes to ensure the prosperity of the economy.

On the topic of the Universal Basic Income, the Parties discussed an amendment concerning a pilot study to be conducted. This proposal led to contending opinions, with essentially the left and centre being in favour of it, and the right expressing strong opposition to it. ECR made the passionate assertion that adopting UBI would represent a violation of morals and personal sovereignty. The ECR urged the Parliament to leave it up to each country whether they wanted to run such a study or not. In the end Parties reached an agreement to implement a study for a basic income among vulnerable groups on a voluntary basis.

- Lou Pole, for Radio Free Europe

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