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Just as soon as it started it was over

EuroMUN 2022 thus comes to a successful close, with much jubilation at the closing ceremony. The fast paced and fun last few days really blew past us. Spirits remained consistently high throughout weekend. Both in the committees where delegates hammered out international agreements, but also at the socials where participants danced, sang and searched for treasure. Ohh, and meme making!

It was a pleasure from the side of the press as we managed to run around, dipping in and out of conferences, interviewing delegates and reporting on the latest developments. It was also a great opportunity for some of our journalists to not only report on the committees and their controversies but also exploring other more personal aspects of the conference. Interviewing some of the participants and sharing, of course, the best socks of the conference. We hope that our work can be yet another way for delegates to look back at the conference and reminisce.

The final remakes from the EuroMUN SG were heartfelt teary-eyed, tieing a nice blue and yellow ribbon around the conference. With this we, the Press team from the Maastricht Diplomat, wish you all the best and hope to see you next year! And with the bang of the gavel it is all over, just as fast as it began. - Brendan Hogan, Co-Editor of the Maastricht diplomat


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