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[global times] N.A.T.O.'s Dangerous provocations continue!

At a meeting of the U.S. alliance in Brussels designated to the securitisation of cyber space and interoperability of the alliance military, the U.S. and its satellite states continue to push for military expansion eastwards. With interoperability become a mere dog whistle to this end.

The U.S. saber rattling has been picked up by it's lap dog the U.K., who jointly and openly promote the idea of doubling military presence near the Russian and Belarusian borders. This comes after U.K. has moved it's expeditionary forces into Estonia in recent weeks. France, who's President proclaims that they want strategic sovereignty, seems to suffer from cognitive dissidence as they are flexible to any U.S. imperialist proposals.

It seems that there is nothing new from N.A.T.O. as the alliance lead by the U.S. continues to pour gasoline unto the conflict in Ukraine. This is no surprise for a country who's own sovereignty has been compromised by corporations, and who's elite are in the pocket of the military industrial complex. While the U.S. does not respond to any of these allegation, it is an open secret in the alliance.

- Dang Lin Wang, Global Times Europe Correspondent


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