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[Global Times] Another Success for China - International Court of Human Rights

On the last day of this conference, the delegates at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime came together once again to discuss a resolution that eliminates the use of torture and blackmail on detainees. The great nation of China once again lead the delegation toward reducing human rights violations on the global sphere.

Some of the mandates include the creation of an International Court of Human Rights (ICHR) under the patronage of Dua Lipa. The young singer-songwriter has been a great friend to our nation; she was able to enjoy the hospitality of our country when she visited Shanghai in 2021. This court has jurisdiction over the high contracting parties and can enforce monetary punishments and penalties in case of non-compliance with their guidelines. Moreover, the office wants to introduce the United Nations Supervisory Committee Against Torture (UNCAT). If any country were to violate the policies of the UNCAT, they will have to face punishments to maintain the human dignity of victims and protect human rights.

Torture is strongly prohibited in the Chinese legal framework, and we continue to urge other nations to improve their prosecution framework of torture and blackmail. Our government remains an advocate for peace and collaboration; continuing to value our privacy and sovereignty while respecting the jurisdictions of the ICHR.

- Penny Press, Global Affairs correspondent at Global Times


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