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[Global Times] American hypocrisy at it's finest! US moves to ban The Global Times.

After receiving reports that the US was unhappy with our latest piece covering the ongoing NATO conference, with rumors circulating that the US wished to "ban freedom of the press". The Global Times wished to confirm and substantiate these claims by asking the US representative for comment.

In response the US has moved to "ban the Global Times for 20 years", not an unprecedented act following the West's recent ban on Russia Today. Citing that the Global Times "cruel and unjustified" behavior towards the US and its UK allies.

This is a constant in US policy where they say one thing, that freedom of the press is a paramount right, yet that only applies to press that soothes the fragile ego of the US elites. Evidence that the US is more unsure then ever about its position and desperate to maintain it's fleeting hegemony at all cost. The world has today become a more dangerous place.

- Dang Lin Wang, Global Times Europe Correspondent


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