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[Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung] Amend the Amendments

It is the third day of EuroMUN and the European Parliament is busy in its sixth session of this conference. The EP session began with two back-to-back unmoderated caucuses which saw the MEPs debating on a working paper as proposed by the European Commission. Members of the left and right of the Parliament have been looking into amending the initial proposal. We have had the chance to question some of the delegates to gain insights on the current discussion at hand. The main points debated are the possibility for a transnational voting list, the role of referendums as well as the core values of the EU, including the much debated rule of law. Overall, as mentioned by a number of MEPs, the priority of the Parliament is currently to “amend the amendments”.

The role of the rule of law within the EU remains a topic of discussion with the MEPs. The debate was strongly divided between left and right. On the one hand, the Polish MEP was criticised for its lack of democratic institutions and its absence of the principle of rule of law. This went as far as the Socialist Portuguese party describing the Polish judiciary and policy system as “incest” (although they later apologised after an outraged Polish response) . Overall, while some MEPs want member states to be held accountable, the conservative parties encourage judicial independence and believe the rule of law to be an infringement on national sovereignty.

The rule of law remains one of the core principles of European Law and a pillar of democratic institutions. At the current points of heated discussion, cooperation is yet to be found to pass the amendments on the proposal.

-Marta De Grandi- political correspondent for FAZ


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