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[Fox News] The Human Rights Council - Another of Biden Snowflakes embarrasses America at the UN

Given the fact that there is no confidence in Joe Biden and his administration, it is unsurprising that the United States delegate is struggling to argue a patriotic way to deal with the crisis.

The US delegate was embarrassingly saved by other countries as their arguments were shot down by Mexico’s, Libya’s and Venezuela’s verbal assaults. Does this delegate understand how embarrassing it is for us to look weak next to countries that don’t even have a Walmart? Never have we needed more, the return of Trump's strong men to rescue us from this swamp of international humiliation.

The delegate from Lithuania promptly aided the delegate from the United States by maintaining that these issues are not about ‘American imperialism but about trade’. Our Lithuanian friends have hit the nail on the head. America is the largest country to provide humanitarian aid and instead of being praised for such a Godly effort, these countries find anything to criticise the work of brave and generous Americans. Indeed, why are these delegates not talking about the draining and harassment of American resources by failed nation-states like Venezuela and Mexico?

Again, coming to our country's aid was the delegate from the United Kingdom who shot down Mexico’s ridiculous idea to re-direct funds helping Ukrainian refugees to the crisis at the border between Poland and Belarus. They proposed a solution whereby high-income countries would implement the same strategy and funds given to Ukrainian refugees to other refugees at the border. What Mexico fails to understand, and what our own delegate should have stood up and said is that Ukrainians are god-fearing people, the same as us at home in America. This is not the same crisis, not the same situation and these delegates have to understand that.

The delegate from Cameroon reiterated the need to focus on sending these migrants back to their countries of origin. What Cameroon fails to see, however, is that these illegal migrants will head straight for the Mexico-American border. With our only security, Trump’s wall, being destroyed by Biden, what protection will everyday Americans have against this new threat? Unfortunately, this is what happens when you send a liberal snowflake to represent us on the international stage.

  • Robin D. Craydle, Fox News UN correspondent


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