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[Fox News] China is Bombarding Taiwan - The US is Prepared

While the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was drafting its Communiqué, the People’s Republic of China launched a surprise attack on the small island of Taiwan on China’s eastern coast, mercilessly bombing the Taiwanese people. In a spontaneous press conference, Fox News was of course present to cover the latest developments in real time.

In a room full of well-dressed, competent men - although there were also two women present, they, of course, did not have much to add to the conversation – the atmosphere was serious. We as the United States of America are undoubtedly in a Cold War situation with China. The Chinese represent an enemy to the American values, industries and people. While NATO is supposed to build one united front against the Chinese aggressors, as enshrined by the famous Washington Treaty (“an attack against one Ally shall be considered an attack against us all”), Fox News was told that both Hungary and Greece appear to be the helpless puppets of Chinese propaganda. According to our source, especially Hungary adopts a very anti-West agenda and should as such be monitored by our American security forces. Yet, when asked about their ruthless cooperation with the Chinese, Hungary, in fact, admitted to not “see any issue with that”. Both Hungary and Greece hid their true interests behind the empty, worn-out slogan of “all nations have economic ties with China”.

The obvious thing to do then was to divert our attention to more worthy interviewees, our illustrious American delegation. According to our representative, the other NATO members are unfortunately doing “by far not enough”, despite the American repeated urges to take the China-Taiwan tense relations seriously and to, at least, provide passive support to our brave US Navy. The American delegate, rightly so, emphasized that the US will be present “with or without NATO”, given the dire situation that the Taiwanese people are currently facing. Yet, as the good ally that we Americans are, the delegate added that “the US will respond independently” upon the wish of Washington, but that he “wished for a united response”. The US seemed to have found some allies with genuinely good hearts in France and the UK, whose delegates shared the same perspectives as our dear American delegation. The Brits highlighted: “We are pushed around by an autocratic regime which promotes values that go against ours”.

We look forward to their support for our lionhearted boys in the US Navy while Washington will take the necessary actions to win this war against the Chinese.

- Felipa A. K. Emerson, Special Correspondent for Fox News


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