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FHML Faculty Council elections 2021

The Council of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) is up for re-election between 17 and 20 May. The FHML Council has the power to advise the Faculty Board and can give its assent on various matters concerning the Faculty. The Faculty Board is responsible, among other things, for the management and organisation of the Faculty in terms of teaching and research.

The FHML Council has eighteen members. Of these, nine members are chosen from and by the students of the FHML, six people represent the academic staff and three represent the support staff.

This year, three lists are competing for votes:

List 1 – NovUM FHML

List 1 NovUM FHML includes 8 candidates who are fighting for a better quality of teaching with more compulsory feedback sessions from tutors, the implementation of resits for all and the end of proctorio. They would also like to get compensation from the faculty because the courses were not as qualitative because of corona. Not only do they want to improve the quality of teaching, but they also advocate for accessible psychological and educational support. As the FHML is supposed to be an international faculty, they would like the teaching to be more inclusive and to integrate other systems than the European system. Furthermore, they want to make housing affordable in the area around the FHML. Like other parties, NovUM FHML wants UM and their faculty to work towards net carbon neutrality.

You can find more information on their website or on our article about NovUM.


List 2 SHAPE FHML consists of 9 candidates who are fighting for similar goals as NovUM but with different projects in mind. In order to increase the quality of education, they want students to take more courses in other faculties and create a real community at Maastricht University. They also want to expand the material available in the online library and improve the quality of the courses. In addition, they believe that language courses should be more affordable for students. Like NovUM, SHAPE FHML wants to work towards a carbon-neutral UM.

You can find more information on their website.

List 3 – MSRP DOPE

List 3 MSRP DOPE consists of seven candidates who are committed to creating an optimal study environment by improving the current study spaces and creating even more facilities, both inside and outside. They also believe that contact between staff and students should be easier at FHML. They will therefore do everything to make the Randwyck-bar work properly. They also want to improve the employment opportunities at FHML by stimulating extracurricular activities and research at FHML.

You can find more information on their website or on our article about DOPE.


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