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Everything You Need To Know About the European Elections!

Our Podcast 101-Guide 

The MD is proud to publish its first ever Podcast pilot episode. This is the first time we’ve ever done something like this, and we’re happy to provide You with a complete overview of what you need to know when voting between 23rd and 26th of May.

We emphasise the value of student opinions and the young stance on European matters, so we hope that we can help you form an informed voting choice. No matter what party you prefer, the most important thing is that you do vote.

What is the European Parliament? What is at stake? Why bother voting? What is at stake?

This podcast episode was created by Amelie Ohler, Stella Theocharidou, Caro Lurz and Simon Pompé. Artwork by Steff Nagel.

In collaboration with Student Radio Maastricht. We appreciate them a lot! 

This was our first ever podcast episode. For feedback, send us a mail to!


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