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European Parliament And Council of the EU - A Social Union


The first day of the conference began and ended with grand enthusiasm among the Delegates and Chairs of the European Committees. Besides some technical problems going against the clock, the introductions made by the Delegates of the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Council Committees have settled comfortable grounds for the discussions to begin on Friday.

The strengthening of A Social Union will be the core of the European Parliament and Council Committees’ sessions during the Conference. The European Commission has kicked off the first meeting with a presentation for a Directive’s proposal focused on implementing and deepening the European Pillars of Social Rights. Prominently, the establishment of a European scheme for a common minimum wage, a universal basic income and a regulatory framework for the GIG economy are the heart of such a proposal. Without much time for comments by the Delegates, the Commission’s intervention was followed by a telematic speech given by Anthony Agotha, a Senior Diplomatic Expert who is currently a Member of Cabinet of the Executive Vice-President of the European Commission. His words aimed to sparkle enthusiasm among the Delegates in delving into the following days’ discussions, but also to inspire those listening to pursue a career where, regardless of the field of work or smartness of your clothes, the main aim is to make this world at least a bit of a better place.


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