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EU Budget Negotiations – Day 1

The first day of EuroMUN 2021 began with a rather chaotic European Parliament session. Whilst some of the MEP’s were prepared and ready to go, others still needed to get a grip on what was actually going on. After a short break of 5 minutes before the opening statements could begin, MEPs delivered rather traditional positions regarding the Rule of Law Conditionality proposal. Two Commissioners informed the parties on the specifics of their proposed Regulation. Its main objectives, legal base and conditionality mechanism were only briefly questioned by some of the parties. S&D’s main focus was on the legal base and subsidiarity principle: questioning the integration of the principle into the Regulation. ID showed its concern regarding the Commissions’ discretion concerning establishing a ‘general deficiency’ of rule of law. Nevertheless, during the first session of the EP most parties remained silent and little innovative ideas were put forward making it rather slow and tedious. Perhaps tomorrow the right winged party ‘ID’ will be able to break the left’s strong front and potentially earn leeway during the negotiations. I’m looking forward to what the next ‘fruitful’ session has in store for us!

This account was brought to you by Peter Pantz, EuroMUN 2021 Special Correspondent on The EP.

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