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The Maastricht Diplomat

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Dear Johanna

Dear Johanna,

They are at our gates, the ungodly troop. There has been much bustle in the Imperial camp. Murmurs of a parlay proposal to our city council, or shall I say an ultimatum. However, I hear that the troops are tired and restless, we shall see how the Imperials will plakate their men. It is said that Christian Wilhelm von Brandenburg has been particularly forceful in the city council discussion, taking leadership in the first days. And rumours that the swedes will or have been contacted are floating around the town. But where are the Sweded? Last I heard they were doing what they do best, raiding and pillaging from Pomerania to Mecklenburg. I hope this letter reaches you well dear sister. Stay safe.

- Your brother Heinrich

"This was a letter found in the chest of a visiting merchant who was trapped in Magdeburg. It seems to be dated for March 15th 1631, the day it all began. It has proven to be a reliable source in divining the sentiments in the city before"...(Hogarth et. al, 2020)

Richard Head


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