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[Buzzfeed] You go girl! Slay!

After the very eventful afternoon yesterday, we at Buzzfeed see it as our job to start today on a light note. After the European Parliament has been troubled with the question “What is a woman?” for a couple of days, the EP invited Christine Lagarde, the president of the European Central Bank to answer some questions as a role model for women in power.

Christine, after gracefully sitting down in the middle of the room, said that she is “not qualified to answer this question, but the academic discourse behind the question is valid”. After she was asked by the party Bündnis 60/Die Grünen how women in power like herself, Ursula von der Leyen or Roberta Metsola can use their position to inspire other women. Christine, talking about Ursula, exclaimed that “we have her on WhatsApp”. The president of the ECB explained that they have a good relationship with the president of the European Commission, and both see themselves as role models. She says that there have never been as many possibilities for women as now, inclusivity will always be a big topic and every woman should be able to get whatever job she wants.

Did you hear that, girls? If you are a woman out there, feel inspired to go after your dreams and go get that job!

- Polli Pocket, Writer at Buzzfeed


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