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What happened in the world – this week in a nutshell

The first month of the year is already over and we are halfway through the slightly less cold February. While the new period at uni with new courses promises a fresh start, there´s many conflicts in the world that carry on. But this week was also packed with many new events. Let's have a look at them!

Starting with a look at our European neighbour, the UK. This week started with an announcement of King Charles III. cancer diagnosis. While the current king of the United Kingdom has now made his diagnosis public, the type of cancer he has, and his condition still remain unknown. Secondly, this week was also packed with an announcement about Dutch government formation. After the elections last November there have since then been ongoing negotiations between the political parties about possible coalitions. These negotiations have now collapsed after the politician Pieter Omtzigt denied cooperation with the extremist right Geert Wilders – how the future Dutch government will look like, hence remains open. Contrarily, in other countries and continents there have been changes in the political leadership this week. New presidential elections were held in Finland as well as in El Salvador. In Finland the conservative politician Stubb won the elections and in El Salvador the controversial and authoritarian, but popular Bukele was re-elected. Meanwhile, in Senegal, the presidential elections have once again been postponed, leading to major outrages in the country. The president Macky Sall is accused of illegally extending his term of office after he is no longer allowed to govern after 2 mandates. Lastly, in Chile, the former president Sebastián Pinera was buried after he had died in a helicopter accident earlier this week. The democrat was in power from 2010 to 2014 and 2018 to 2022.

Unlucky news also comes from the Korean peninsula. Following from increasing tensions, North Korea has now stopped any economic cooperation with South Korea. Apart from that, there was a special day ahead in that region as it was New Year´s Eve. In comparison to the Gregorian calendar that is used in most countries of the world, the Chinese New Year has only started on 10th February. Festivities on the occasion of New Year's Eve have not only taken place in China but also in Vietnam, Korea and Mongolia.

Besides the many political news, there was also a major sports event happening this week: the final of the Super Bowl in the USA. In the final game of the American Football League last Sunday, 11th February, the Chiefs (with Taylors Swift´s boyfriends Travis Kelce in their team) had to face the 49ers. At the end of the day the Chiefs could win the game for themselves with a narrow lead of 25 to 22. The breaks in between were used for entertaining performances by Usher, Post Malone and many more.

Finally, this week also held pleasing news for everyone living in the area of Maastricht and surrounding. Once again, the carnival turned many cities into a colourful scenery. In the Netherlands, several carnival parades and festivities took place in the regions of Limburg and Brabant. In its neighbouring country Germany, big parades took place in Mainz, Düsseldorf and Cologne. And of course, also in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the infamous carnival season has officially started. I hope you have enjoyed a great carnival this year as I have, or you have had some relaxing days off before uni starts once again. Thanks for reading and next week we´ll be back with another Sunday Summary! :)


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