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[Russia Today] Opinion: Western Europe once again proves to be nothing more than a bunch of screaming, crying, and demanding children

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe met in Maastricht this Friday to discuss protection of vital infrastructures; a perfect example of Western Europe revealing its true colors of unsophistication and disorganization. The committee session was a debate of chaos where fundamental clauses cannot even be agreed upon. 

Foundational issues of sovereignty and respect of national law could not even be met with a consensus. Clause 6, the dark cloud that has plagued this committee, has, according to the Spanish delegate, been an issue ever since the debate has started. And while Spain is confident in the direction of the assembly, how can we trust such a sentiment when the chair’s have to resort to constant gavel smashing in order to simply get the attention of these seemingly uncivilized delegates? 

The idea was introduced to create optional guidelines for the institutions to implement which would be followed up with a report. Switzerland mentioned however has to point out the obvious, of how much one can trust such reports when there is the possibility institutions can distort their results. It is preposterous that such buffoonery was mentioned in the first place.

There was constant back and forth over the intricacies of these guidelines. Concerns over international law over state law, the enforcement of these guidelines, creations or no creations of further institutions, and sovereignty left too many voices bouncing back and forth, with no consensus in sight. 

After a 20 minute debate, the delegates still failed to present a document. The chair had to grant them an extra five minute intervention in order to settle this never ending list of difficulties. It is with hope, that Ukraine will come back to the mother land's loving arms, and escape this mayhem.

EuroMUN Committee: Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE)


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