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[Reuters] President of the European Council addresses the UNSC on situation in Venezuela

The President of the European Council announced the conditions for the European Union (EU) to help Venezuela on Saturday afternoon at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Charles Michel addressed the situation in Venezuela on Saturday afternoon. He started by stressing that he was not representing himself and was also not only representing the European Council, but spoke in the name of the European Union as a whole. 

He explained that the sanctions the European Union had given did not aim to hurt the industry and population in Venezuela in any way.

He highlighted the 61 million euros the EU has invested for humanitarian needs as a way to show that the Union truly wants the best for the Venezuelan people. 

Michel wished the best for Venezuela, before concluding his speech by reminding that “we here are just people in suits, the most important is the people.”

To support the importance put on people, Michel ensured further humanitarian help in Venezuela, once the country adopts a democratic system. Furthermore, he specified that no other conditions were required to take away the sanctions. A democratic system seems to be the only requirement from the EU, no matter the outcome of those elections. 

Venezuela expressed their concern about the intentions of the EU, claiming the President does not privilege the citizens of Venezuela, despite the speech given by Michel. 

Since the EU imposed sanctions on Venezuela, the country noticed a rise in poverty and famine, denouncing the lack of focus by the EU on the people of Venezuela. 

The representative of Venezuela denounces the EU's intentions to weaken the Venezuelan government hidden by propositions of security. 

The cooperation between Venezuela and the European Union appears to be in limbo for the time being.

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