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[Reuters] French delegate is finally able to convince NATO allies to address ‘The Big Leak’

After information concerning the French delegate's statements during NATO sessions were leaked to the press, the delegate was finally able to convince the rest of the allies to discuss the matter that they dubbed as ‘The Big Leak’. 

The delegate attempted to pass this motion five times before the rest of the allies finally caved. 

France has stated that it is “disgraceful that certain information leaves this room”. They point to specific wording in press statements that referred to France’s sentiments of how “weapons are meant to kill civilians”, painting France in a negative light. 

Other members were quite dissatisfied with this motion, Greece and Lithuania being among them, expressing sentiments of how this discussion is taking time away from more pressing issues that still must be discussed. 

Greece made sure to mention the importance of sharing information and the establishment of the press in order to gain trust with citizens. 

Slovakia and the United Kingdom also used their speaking time to address the importance of the press and how making such information public is a part of their job. 

The United Kingdom further states how France, along with other delegates must be careful with their word choice if they wish for such information to not be leaked. 

Once each country has spoken, the session was able to move on to discuss the issues of autonomous weapons.

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