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[Politico] Switzerland’s ALDE promotes a shift from human rights discussions

The ALDE representative of Switzerland proposes a shift in focus from human rights to more immediate discussions at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe  (PACE) amidst discussions around cybersecurity.

Following the passing of the Instruction of the Protection of Vital Infrastructures (IPVI), the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe  retained its focus on cybersecurity and education. This morning's sessions began with a discussion proposed  by Italy’s representative, aimed at addressing priorities for protecting human rights within cyberspace. Spain (SOC) was swift to rebuttal the choice in focus (human rights), labeling it as “redundant” without prioritizing talks of enforcement. 

Ukraine (EPP/CD) circled in thought, addressing terrorism, education, privacy, stating that exact measures should be pursued in making sure “our children are protected” in all sectors. Privacy, data supremacy and protections, and the right to freedom of speech were all proposed areas of interest. 

Switzerland (ALDE) argued that there is no need for discussions on Human Rights. As  there exists a framework for human right violations, no document has been initiated with the highest standard of protection. Focusing on the suppression of freedom of speech can allow for more developments to be made in cybersecurity.

Lawmakers from the countries of Hungary, Germany, and Poland maintain their silence on the very prevalent topics surrounding cybersecurity. Albania remains the only country not on the general speakers list.

EuroMUN Committee: Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE)


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