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Law Faculty Council Elections 2023

The elections this year are taking place from 8 to 11 May. The law Faculty has a very international environment with over 2500 students. For this year's council elections, there are six different student party lists. We will now give an overview of the six candidates to help you decide which party or individual you would like to vote for.

List 1: LEX

The candidates are: Stella Milzarek and Cristian Rusu.

They have four main priorities: education quality, student well-being, the communication between the Faculty of Law and its students, and the facilities. Their main objectives are improving the individual feedback for graded assignments, having more information on internships, mentor programs, extracurricular activities, the different Master programmes… They want to help students struggling with mental health issues by providing them with more counseling.

For more information check their election plan:

List 2: NovUM

The candidates are: Aleksandra Jablkowska, Nandika Singh, Szymon Lyczko and Zuzanna Wesierska.

NovUM’s pillars are housing, education, sustainability, and internationalism.

They want more feedback on exams, a better dialogue between the faculty council and students, and limit the use of paper-based resources. Furthermore, the want to organize a book fair for easy access to cheaper books

Other objectives are improving the accessibility for disabled students and lifting the requirement to have hard copies for open-book exams.

For more information on NovUM’s vision at UM you can check out or @novummaastricht on instagram.


The candidates are: Bo Schmeitz, Manou Schiepers, Cédric Vanden Berghe and Pien van Dijk.

These candidates have six main goals. First, they want to incorporate more individual feedback after the assessments. They also want to reduce the high cost of law books. As we are more aware of mental health issues, they would like more personal counselling. From the faculty, they will ask for more study places, a better communication system between the faculty and students and more guidance from tutors.

Here's for more information: or their instagram @msrpdope.

List 4: Lara Vangoethem

One of the only individual candidates, Lara considers herself an approachable and social person. She wants to focus on the relationship between students and faculty, as her main objective is for student voices to be heard.

List 5: KAN Party

The candidates are: Denisa, Teodor Minea, Nathan Lunel, Paula Nipper and Heloisa Candido.

KAN is focused towards achieving climate justice in Maastricht. Their projects are focused on a more sustainable city and more affordable housing.

For more information, this is their website:

List 6: Paula Sultanof

Another solo candidate, Paula wants to promote a peaceful and safe space for all students. She wants to have more liberty of speech and improve the lifestyle of students to become more aware of mental health.

After reading the priorities of these candidates, which one will you vote for? Remember: it is important to vote to have your voice heard!


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