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Another Eventful Week

Although February has just commenced this week, it is already off to a crazy beginning. Solely this week has brought in an influx of occurrences across the globe ranging from beautiful surprises to genuinely heart wrenching news. Truly, it always amazes me how events can occur or situations can change immediately over a short span of time. Certain things you knew of or believed can transform completely in a matter of minutes. It pushes you to realize that everything is temporary and depending on who you are, this may either be a positive or negative thing. However, if we settle into a more positive perspective, it prepares you to believe that terrible times do not last and there will always be something better to look forward to. Regardless, it is essential to simply take things as they come, whether it’s good or bad, and make the most of the situation.

As previously mentioned, this week definitely began with some exciting news that left many individuals around the world astonished. Images of the famous Barbadian artist and businesswoman, Rihanna, surfaced on the internet standing alongside her rapper boyfriend, Asap Rocky, with her baby bump. This news has left the majority of the individuals overjoyed for Rihanna and her boyfriend. As always, we may have some exceptions such as our favorite Champagne Papi, Drake, who did not take this news well. It is rumored that he quietly unfollowed Asap Rocky, shortly after the news, on social media. Nevertheless, February was off to an exciting start as Rihanna and Asap Rocky broke the internet with the news of their child and everyone wishes them well.

Moving forward into the sports world, possible exciting news was also revealed for football fans. It is rumored that the star player of PSG, Kylian Mbappe, may sign to Real Madrid. PSG has been rejecting the bidding offers from Real Madrid concerning Mbappe, in the last year, with the last offer being worth €180M, However, as Mbappe is in his last six months of his contract with PSG, the player is definitely looking at different options. Therefore, news from Germany has reported that Mbappe has agreed to join Real Madrid this summer as a free agent when his contract in Paris expires in June. Although this may be true, nothing has been set in stone yet and hence, everyone is still awaiting more news regarding this situation.

Unfortunately, among all these fascinating revelations, there have been quite sorrowful occurrences as well. Rayan Oram, a five year old Moroccan boy, who plunged down a 100 meter well, passed away shortly after being rescued. This occurrence spanned over four days in which everyone around the world gathered together in hope that he can be rescued safely. The well was quite narrow and the workers did everything they could to provide him with oxygen, food and water. However, it was unclear if he was able to utilize them well. In order to prevent a possible landslide from occuring, the rescue spanned over a longer amount of time. On Saturday, February 5th, the rescue workers were finally able to retrieve him through the tunnel they dug. Although everyone rejoiced, it was later announced that he did not make it. This left everyone across the globe heartbroken over this tragedy, uniting everyone in grief. Individuals also expressed their gratitude to the well-digging expert, Ali Sahrawi, who had spent hours digging with his bare hands.

Although these events are just a brief overview of everything that has possibly occurred throughout the week, it also sets as a reminder that the world is ever changing. Continue to challenge your ideologies by informing yourself about these issues across the globe. Furthermore, while it is important to keep up with the inflow of media in hopes of being aware, it is also essential to take a step back and look after ourselves. Sometimes, the occurrences in the media can negatively impact our thoughts and emotions, especially when we are deeply moved by certain events. Therefore, through those times it is important to also to search for a balance between both and also engage in activities that provide you comfort and peace.


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