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[Al Jazeera] King of Wakanda expresses disappointment of African Union

A new amendment for the working paper was proposed as the Kingdom of Wakanda was invited to the African Union (AU) on Sunday at noon, denouncing the ignorance of the AU towards its relations with China.

Djibouti proposed a new amendment suggesting common guidelines and creating contractual agreements between the AU and China in case of any unforeseen circumstances. The contractual agreement would regulate the structure of relations between China and the AU, creating a set contract that both parties would sign. 

Eswatini expressed disappointment towards Djibouti for expressing this thought so late in the debate. The amendment was considered unfriendly by most parties, forbidding its addition to the working paper. 

The Kingdom of Wakanda also expressed its disappointment, not only towards Djibouti but towards the entire committee. 

The Kingdom of Wakanda exposed the lack of concrete discussion on the exploitation of soil and the violation of China on African countries. The Kingdom shared their loss of faith in the AU, affirming that the collective memory and colonial history has been forgotten. 

Wakanda explained the shift in economic perspective that was expected from the AU but has not been visible in their draft resolution, further exposing the loss of history and African cultural independence.

The final voting enabled the draft resolution to pass as a majority of 13 countries voted in favour of the resolution while Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Eswatini, Eritrea, Mauritius, Nigeria, Rwanda and Sao Tome and Principe abstained. 

The Kingdom of Wakanda reminded the AU that they represent the entire continent. Everything the AU loses, the continent loses as well; a loss potentially created by the draft resolution.

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