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A spring clean.

There is a glimmer of sunshine. The worst of winter is behind us and the promise of a vaccinated summer lies ahead. Although covid fatigue is settling in, now is not the time to drop the ball for there is still a lot of work to be done. As we at the MD have been gathering resources and finding our feet in this strangest of years, so too have we looked toward the future.

It is strange, to be thinking of wrapping up the year with editorial board trainings and governing board (of the UNSA) applications opening soon. While some of us in the MD, who have been here so long we are a part of the furniture, prepare to hand over to the next generation, the most important work of the year sits in wait just around the corner. In conjunction with UM's election office, we are proud to present the inaugural UNSA hosted Maastricht University student debate evening. This evening of informative talks is aimed at the political culture of the university, by bringing the largest names in the political game to a roundtable conversation covering the most important themes of the year. It will be the culmination of a year's worth of effort in bringing the MD, and the greater UM community, up to speed with the goings on within the University Student Council. Watch this space for more information over the coming weeks.

But wait, there is more! In conjunction with EuroMUN, Europe's favourite Model United Nations and a pride and joy of the UNSA, the Maastricht Diplomat is bringing a legacy back to life. That's right, the printed edition of the MD lives on - albeit in an updated format. By combining our strengths, and using the wits of the EuroMUN Secretary-General Julian Schneider, we have come up with a unique format for our beloved hard copy magazine. Traditionally, the topics have been set for the edition by our own committee members but that is no longer the case. Now, we will be following the EuroMUN format - their committee topics, to be debated over an intense weekend of Zooming, and our authors. By widening the scope and providing a definitive brief, our journalists are getting a taste of what it means to be handed an assignment with the mandate of updating an already informed audience. From the EuroMUN side, they will be able to provide a product no other MUN can match - a personalised copy of a student magazine covering the hot topics of the day. An absolute win indeed.

As our last study periods start, there is a whiff of a changing in the seasons. A tease of sunshine and a rosé summer. It is tempting to put the study materials to one side and grab a slice of the great outdoors. I would recommend that you do so. While class is always important, for there is always work to be done, it is even more important to book a few minutes for yourself. Spring is in the air and the cobwebs of winter need sweeping away.


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