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Time for some good news

It is no secret that the last month and a half has been an intense start to the year 2020. The cornovirus has broken out, while other unknown illnesses are developing in Africa and in Brazil. All of this falling in the middle of flu-season (but don’t worry we haven’t hit plague levels yet). And if that didn’t sound bad enough, we all know how Australia has been battling the elements like there’s no tomorrow, fire and water replacing one another as deadly forces.

However, there will always be some good news to report on. Last Tuesday, for the first time ever in Northern Ireland a lesbian couple was married after the country had legalised same-sex marriage last year. Robyn Peoples and Sharni Edwards took the first chance they got to get married, letting the world know that even though they are getting married to be with each other, they also want to send a political message. Since they live in Northern Ireland where the law has prevented them from tying the knot, this union is a message that people should be treated equally. And I wholeheartedly agree (as long as all parties involved are of legal age and consent to marriage), everyone should have the right to divorce.

History was made once more this week as the film Parasite by Bong Joon-ho won best picture at the Oscars. This is the first non-English speaking film which has managed to secure this prize. Those attending the awards were taken by surprise as Bong Joon-ho held his speech almost completely in Korean. And, even later, a journalist interviewing Bong Joon-ho asked him why he made a film completely in Korean with Korean actors. An interesting question to ask the South Korean director. However, we should keep in mind that while this is a step forward, the Oscars still at times feel like the Baseball World Series; it’s sounds international but in reality it is all USA.

And finally, one of the strangest news stories I came across this week (and of course it originated in Florida). People living in Central Florida have been warned about a snake orgy taking place, where an undetermined number of snakes come together to mate (they must have a different Valentine’s Day). While some people say these snakes are harmless water snakes, other believe them to be moccasins, which are extremely venomous. If these snakes are the latter type, it would be best not to walk in on their practices. Disturbing snake sex could be the last thing you ever do.


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