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The Results of This Year’s UM Council Elections

The student elections for the 2024-25 University Council and Faculty Councils took place between the 22nd and 25th of April. During this time, students have the opportunity to vote for student candidates that they would like to be represented by in the university and faculties’ councils. There are six Faculty Councils that handle matters related to their respective faculty. Meanwhile, the University Council handles the most significant decisions that impact the university and its students, in cooperation with the Executive Board. These councils not only include students, yet also support and scientific staff. The latter staff undergo a different selection process than student candidates. 

The elections this year saw a total of 8572 votes, compared to 10769 votes in last year’s election. The election results were announced today at 15:00, at the Kruithuis of Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics. A Maastricht Diplomat writer, who had attended this event, told me that this year’s elections received “the felicitation of the university representative for respecting the rules” before the results were announced. This comment contrasts the result of an investigation into electoral malpractice, covered here by the former head and editor in chief, Jane Hilgert.

University council 

There were four lists presented for the University Council: DOPE (8 candidates), NovUM (11 candidates), KAN Party (13 candidates) and List LEX-Motus (10 candidates). This election maintained a turnout of 17.39 percent, this being 1.63 percent lower than 2023. Election results* include four candidates from NovUM, four from DOPE, one from KAN Party, and one from List LEX-Motus. Below are the selected candidates for the new University Council: 

  • Andrew William Scrivener (NovUM)

  • Nino van Beek (DOPE)

  • Mila van Boxtel (DOPE)

  • Anne Smid (DOPE)

  • Jop Smeets (DOPE)

  • Alex Lemberg (NovUM)

  • Krithik Rock (KAN Party)

  • Bram van den Berkmortel (List LEX-Motus)

  • Shari Celma Crespi (NovUM)

  • Mauro Cioci (NovUM)

Notably, NovUM candidate Andrew William Scrivener broke a new record for most votes for a single candidate. Among 8572 total votes this election, Scrivener claimed 760 votes. This candidate, as well as Krithik Rock, were also a part of the University Council last year. For the 2023-2024 University Council elections, there were four registered parties and an independent candidate up for selection. Among these lists, three of them had claimed seats: KAN Party (one candidate), DOPE (four candidates), and NovUM (five candidates). 

FASoS Faculty council

Four parties ran for the FASoS faculty council this year: DOPE (2 candidates), KAN Party (7 candidates), International Students Progress Party (1 candidate), and NovUM (4 candidates). The results* of this election, with a turnout of 20.13 percent, include three selected candidates from KAN Party and two from NovUM:

  • Jules Boelens (NovUM)

  • Pierre Jault (NovUM)

  • Tho Thi (KAN Party)

  • Sonora Ward (KAN Party)

  • Srna Todorova (KAN Party)

FHML Faculty council

Two parties offered candidates for the FHML faculty council, namely NovUM with five candidates and DOPE with ten candidates. 25.96 percent of the students at this faculty went out to vote, which is 3.4 percent higher than last year. The results* include five selected candidates from DOPE and two from NovUM: 

  • Milo Cheng (DOPE) 

  • Casper van Ruyven (DOPE)

  • Suus Born (DOPE)

  • Ersi Retouniote (NovUM)

  • Isabella van Pul Porturas (DOPE)

  • Puck Knaap (DOPE)

  • Olga Kosjakova (NovUM)

FPN Faculty council

For FPN, three parties ran for the faculty council: DOPE (2 candidates), KAN Party (3 candidates), and NovUM (4 candidates). The results* of this election, with a turnout of 18.14 percent, include two selected candidates from NovUM, two from DOPE, and one from KAN Party: 

  • Linde Vermeulen (DOPE)

  • Palina Sinitsa (NovUM)

  • Julia Viskaal (DOPE)

  • Eberle Martinez (NovUM)

  • Iris Joon (KAN Party) 

FSE Faculty council

Elections for the FSE faculty council involved two parties, specifically KAN with four candidates and NovUM with eight. The turnout of this election was 18.83 percent, which is 3.96 percent lower compared to last year. The results* for the new FSE Faculty council include four candidates from NovUM and two from KAN Party: 

  • Matthieu Marienbach (KAN Party) 

  • Daphne Vryghem (NovUM)

  • Carlota Morillo Rosado (NovUM)

  • Ishve Engelkiran (NovUM)

  • Cassidy Hemmers (KAN Party)

  • Mauro Cioci (NovUM)

LAW Faculty council

There were four parties running for the LAW faculty council, namely NovUM (6 candidates), DOPE (4 candidates), KAN (2 candidates), and List LEX (9 candidates). The results* of this election, with a turnout of 18.44 percent, include three selected candidates from NovUM, two from DOPE, and one from List LEX: 

  • Ayden Müller (NovUM)

  • Lotte Morsing (DOPE)

  • Ivor Meštrovic (NovUM)

  • Thimon Falch (DOPE)

  • Gabriel Pate (NovUM)

  • Julie Kullok (List LEX)

SBE Faculty council

Three parties presented candidates for the faculty council at SBE. These included DOPE with eight candidates, Novum with three, and KAN with one candidate. The turnout of this election was 12.79 percent, which is 1.84 percent lower than last year. The results* for the new SBE faculty council include three candidates from NovUM and three from DOPE: 

  • Lorenzo Sauty de Chalon (NovUM)

  • Maurits Loonen (DOPE)

  • Floortje Toma (DOPE)

  • Roch Chovet (NovUM)

  • Quitterie Poulou (NovUM)

  • Romijn Kroep (DOPE)

Congratulations to all candidates that ran for election this year! 

You can find more detailed results of this year’s elections on the university website. 

*Each candidate list per council is in order of votes received, from highest to lowest. 


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