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[Reuters] Opposing sides say progress was made at African Union talks over partnership with China

Despite differences, the African Union (AU) representatives of Eswatini and Djibouti said they believe progress has been made in discussions over Chinese influence in the continent.

China has been critical of Eswatini’s third-party trade relations. The Asian state holds an observatory position in this committee due to the risks of large amounts of debts and loans that cannot be paid back. 

Eswatini expressed concern over the alleged damage China may have on African economies.

The Southern African state told Reuters they felt excluded and offended by other member nations calling them a mouthpiece for Western propaganda.

Djibouti, being heavily dependent on exports, said collaborating with China would help them build the necessary infrastructure. The Djiboutian delegation explained that Beijing “is one of the only countries willing to give us the necessary loans”. “We are not in the position to refuse them,” they added.  

Nonetheless, both representatives said there had been signs of progress in the debates. 

African Union nations are meeting in Addis Ababa for another two days to discuss partnerships with China.

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