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Old Maastricht abuzz once again!

Well dressed people strutting across the cobble-stone streets of Maasticht is a sight we have missed since 2019. Indeed a sight for sore eyes, as the excited participants in this years EuroMUN conference go about the city, preparing for the conference and seeing old friends once again.

It started today at the registrations where the dressed-up crowed signed in retrieving their credentials and of course a goody bag (contents including, but not limited to, our very own print edition). There was much merriment as people greeted one another both finding old friends and meeting new people.

Around 300 people are participating in this year's conference, coming from near and far. From our home grown Maastrichtenaren to travelers from across Europe, and from Israel and Indonesia! To say it is an international affair would be an understatement.

Maastricht in its very nature is a place where people(s) meet. A border city between three countries at the heart of the the European Union, and importantly its birth place. Maastricht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and has its roots as a bridge fortification.

Even its name is a meeting place of cultures, as the name of the river Maas has its origins in proto-germanic and proto-celtic languages now lost to time and the latter half of the name carries its Roman legacy, as 'tricht' stems from the Latin word for bridge.

So we at the Maastricht Diplomat are sure that this conference is one that lives up to the name and spirit of our city and wish the chairs and delegates fruitful debate and discussion. - Brendan and Peter, Editors of the Maastricht Diplomat


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