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Law Faculty Council elections 2022

Updated: May 14, 2022

The elections this year for the Faculty Council are taking place from 16 to 19 May. The Law Faculty attracts students from all over the world, and currently has approximately 2,500 students. This year there are six distinct student party lists competing for six seats. Let’s briefly look through them together so you can decide which party you would like to vote for.

List 1: SIGMA

Three candidates are running as representatives for List 1: Raman Ojha, Defne Halil, and Bianca Tirnovan.

Supporting this party means more feedback for students, implementing direct democracy further in the faculty, increasing access to psychological welfare mechanisms, and free language courses. They also propose creating hand guides regarding housing, education, and life assistance for students. You can also check out their instagram here.

The candidates that make up the next list are: Cédric Vanden Berghe, Pien van Dijk, Amadeus Henskens, Mees Wels, and Violeta Scekic.

They have five main aims. Firstly they wish to work towards creating consistency in the quality of tutors. In the same manner, they also wish to create more structure in the courses themselves as well as the assignments and deadlines. For students, it can be very difficult finding someone to go to directly when we are faced with specific worries. Hence, MSRP DOPE wants each student to have an appointed staff member to help assist them. Lastly, they would push for more study places for students.

List 3: Japhet Stone

List 3 is made up of one student, Japhet Stone. It was impossible to find any information further than the quote up on the election page: ‘Dare to do something!’.

Aung Sit Paing, Greta Fantoni, Rosa Hodde, Rachmadinsa Dwininditha, Zuzanna Wesierska, and Obada Khundakji make up List 4. This party also aims towards standardized feedback for students. They believe that it is of the utmost importance ensuring students are well integrated into the law community and thus, aim at creating events focused on this. Moreover, having proper places for students to study is crucial in a university city and due to this, NovUM wishes to demand more study places at the faculty and an extension of the library’s opening hours. Career development opportunities and making sure student’s voices are heard are also key to this List.

Want to look further? Check out their instagram here.

This list is made up of the following candidates: Sam Schulpen, Paulien Ottenheijm, Tessa Schriders, Juno Klerks, Annabelle Lambert, Bart Blokker, Mathilde Olek, Emma Daalmans, Annefleur Timmermans, and Louise Thomeer.

Their main priorities are: decreasing the prices of the language courses, making in person attendance of lectures the norm again, broadening university library accessibility, sustainability, bringing awareness towards student wellbeing…and much more. Something that stood out to me was that LEX also aims at working on developing student’s verbal skills, as it is often neglected when courses mostly focus on research and writing.

For more information check out their instagram here.

List 6: KAN & USM

Marts Ivaskis, Teo, Durante, Ribetti, and Draband are the final candidates that make up List 6. KAN is focused towards achieving climate justice in Maastricht. I couldn’t find any information specific to the law faculty. But for a more general feel for what they stand for click here to check out their website.

Now that we have done a quick run through I’m wondering…who has won your vote? Cast your vote here!


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