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Just deserts

What a week it has been. Cybercriminality, a volcanic eruption and a pedophile royal on his way to get what he deserves… buckle up, 2022 marching forward rapidly.

At the start of the week, following the string of accountability against Jeffrey Epstein and his entourage, another high profile public figure’s twisted sexual habits are starting to be punished: a judge ruled against Prince Andrew allowing the case of the rape of the accuser, Virginia Giuffre, who was seventeen at the time, to move forward meaning that he will now stand trial for his acts. Rather promptly, Buckingham Palace stripped him from all his military titles and royal patronages which is their equivalence of being disinherited, meaning that now he will have to face justice alone for his rape and grooming crimes.

Another group of people getting what they deserve for their crimes but much more in time with the 21st century: a gang of ransomware hackers under the name REvil has been arrested in Russia. The US had put a 10 Million Dollar reward for information leading up to the arrests two days ago. Them being a major player in the Cybercriminality world, it really sent a message of fear to the rest of the industry, that their reign will soon be over.

Furthermore, just at the end of the week, a huge underwater volcanic eruption near Tonga in the South Pacific Ocean may cause several Tsunamis to the different coasts of North and South America, Oceania and even Japan!

Speaking of Oceania, there have been new developments in the case of Novak Djokovic whether he’s allowed to play in the Australian Open, because he is neither vaccinated nor tested negative recently while training in Melbourne. It is going to be even more difficult for him to play now as he has been officially deported from Australia after several confusing back and forths between courts and the government stripping him off his visa. And all that because he didn’t want to be vaccinated or take other precautions against Covid-19.

To finish off, I want to use this place in remembrance of David Sassoli, the former President of the European Parliament and proud European who passed this week after complications of an illness.


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