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Dating in Maastricht: 5 crucial steps to master relationships

Ah, so you’ve caught feelings for that one person in your tutorial group months ago, and seeing them again at the resit really set your heart on fire. Or, was it that other person you saw once at Complex? It doesn’t matter who it is, I’m here to help you out. By using and applying these key steps you’ll be sure to win over the partner of your dreams and successfully say you’ve beaten the ‘Maastricht Syndrome’.

(c) Leilani Radaideh

1. Organize a plan to grab coffee

Work up the courage to follow your crush on Instagram, or better yet, find their number through one of the many whatsapp groups you’re a part of. Then text some version of ‘Hey! I remember you from x. I’d love to grab coffee sometime when you’re free * insert emoji*.’ What’s key here is that you then end up planning to meet up at a very specific time months later (it's very Dutch), only for your schedule to then change and not be able to see eachother anymore. This is when you go to step two.

2. Try booking the same slots at the library

Hello, study date! You go to book annnnnnd the inner city library is fully booked. Nevermind. Next step!

3. Go out in town together!

Maybe organizing to meet up the first…and the second time didn’t work, but this is sure to! Have a night out and explore Maastricht’s “wild” nightlife ranging from an impressive four Irish pubs to about three clubs. Have fun, dance, party....just make sure you start early though, as everything closes at midnight [Update: Lockdown- closed] [Update to the update: open until 10pm].

4. Online dating (optional step)

So, it hasn’t worked out quite as you planned. You’ve planned to meet up for coffee and it hasn’t worked (check), you haven’t been able to book the library, or if you have been able to, chances are you’ve spent the majority of your booked time looking for your seat to scan the QR code (check) and had a night out together (check)- but you’re just not feeling it. No worries, you can sign up to the various dating sites available or even sign up through the Maastricht matching (programme?). Just beware of the size of this place! You will likely see any and every person you match with online in real life- and if you’re really lucky, your tinder match may just be in your next tutorial group.

5. Get the BSA and drop out together

If you reach this step, then you’ve found the one (and PS, I’m an (online) ordained minister so just hit me up).


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