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Another Week, Another Sunday Summary

It is the 28th of May and the end of the week. So, it is high time for another Sunday Summary. Let´s have a look together at everything that has happened during this week.

The week started with more news on the Ukraine war. All the time, there is new reporting on war crimes committed by Russian soldiers. Now, a specific group is getting into the spotlight and under further investigation; the so-called “Wagner group”, a Russian hyper-aggressive troop of soldiers. The prosecution of war crimes perpetrators, however, stays difficult due to the lack of sufficient information to identify them. Thursday evening then, a new urgent message pops up on my phone: Belarus announces that Russia has deployed tactical nuclear weapons. As you can see, there´s lots of tension in the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine and unfortunately, it doesn´t look as if it is coming to an end in the near future.

Moving over from looking at Russia to the USA. It has been a while now since the storm on the US Capitol on January 26th 2021. But, prosecutions have been ongoing. And finally, Stewart Rhodes, founder of the right-populist group Milice Oath Keepers, and who has tried to overthrow the US government together with hundreds of other people, got condemned.

Other than that, I need to let you know that the so-called “Queen of Rock ´n´Roll”, Tina Turner, died at the incredible age of 83. The American-born singer, who later accepted the Swiss nationality, has been one of the most successful rock musicians ever. She came to popularity as the lead singer of the Ike & Tina Turner duo before pursuing a successful solo career as a singer in the 1980´s.

Last but not least, the probably most absurd news of the week: A man in Germany has somehow managed to join the car column of chancellor Olaf Scholz with his own car. After the column arrived at the airport in Frankfurt, the man, who tested positive for cocaine afterwards, got out of his car, went straight towards Scholz, and hugged him. Even if Scholz claims to “not have felt threatened” by this, it of course raises major questions about possible security risks in the future.

That was everything from me for now, but another week with lots of happenings is just around the corner. Meanwhile, for most students, it is now time to prepare for the upcoming exam week. I wish you all the best for that and have a good start into the new week!


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