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A Battle of the Balls Up

This week on the hit show, ‘Oh Brother’ …

The Democratic Party has begun its impeachment charge on President Trump. However, this time the banner is being flown by top Democrat, Nancy Pelosi. The Speaker for the House of Representatives has called for the President to be held “accountable”. Natural reaction would be that holding President Trump “accountable” should’ve happened on numerous occasions, but his oily-fake tanned skin kept slipping through the clutches of so-called “accountability”. Right now, you might be wondering what the allegation is against the President? Donald Trump allegedly pressured the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, to investigate presidential candidate, and former Vice-President, Joe Biden. Democrats claim that President Trump was willing to withhold military aid from Ukraine if the President of Ukraine did not investigate Joe Biden. Despite this quite serious allegation, this is a big move for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats with election talk already in the air. Therefore, they must be confident of passing impeachment claims, surely. Well its bit more difficult than that. Whilst the Democrats do have a majority in the House of Representatives, they only hold a third of the seats in the Senate. Even if the Democrats could rally themselves and pass the impeachment claim through the House of Representatives, the Senate still has to approve the bill which is unlikely at best. The Democrats will be hoping that this impeachment charge will undermine President Trump’s electoral campaign, but they must be aware of the backlash from Trump-leaning supporters.

Now, the next episode of ‘Keeping up with Barmy British Politics’ …

Boris Johnson has suffered another major setback in his dream to continue to be Prime Minister. At this point, it would most likely feel like a nightmare for Mr. Johnson. The Supreme Court decided through a unanimous decision that the Prime Minister made to advise the Queen to prorogue Parliament was unlawful. This is a massive blow for Boris Johnson’s government, who now must be all out of air and excuses. The PM stated that he “profoundly disagreed” with the Courts decision but said that he would “respect it”. Not that he had a great deal of choice in the matter. The result of this is that Parliament returned on Wednesday, with Speaker John Bercow claiming that there was ” an atmosphere in the chamber worse than any I’ve known in my 22 years in the house. On both sides passions were inflamed; angry words were uttered… the culture was toxic.” So, a normal Brexit discussion in the local pub. With barely a month left until the Brexit deadline, British Politics continues to be the best reality tv show on the planet.

Finally, Japan has Rugby …

The Rugby World Cup began in Japan last weekend. Now Rugby may not be the biggest sport in the Netherlands, but it has an estimated 450 million fans worldwide, consisting mainly of the British Isles, certain European nations and former British Colonies and Commonwealth nations. Heck, even the U.S. are part of it. Although, they are terrible. The host nation Japan had one of the biggest upsets in the last World Cup (and in the history of sport), when they beat South Africa. Well, they may have already done better. Japan, who were ranked No. 9 in the world, beat Ireland, who were ranked No.2 in the world. This shocking victory is one example of why the Rugby World Cup is a special time for any of the estimated 450 million fans. Hopefully, this victory can make these fans watch the chaotic balls up that is Rugby at times, while the rest of the world will have to continue watching the political chaotic balls up presenting themselves in the news every week.


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