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Tasty but chaotic: EuroMUN Food catering review

This edition of the EuroMUN was filled with heated but fruitful debates, but after hard labour everyday, lunch was always much awaited by the delegates. However, due to their extremely busy schedules, many of them actually did not get to take lunch breaks, and had to survive off avocado toasts and store-bought croissants (yikes). Did your overwhelming commitments prevent you from getting a taste of what Maastricht’s kitchen has to offer, and wondering what you missed? Look no further, the press team has you covered!

Let’s start with an issue that needs to be addressed: the coffee! There seemed to be a unanimous consensus that although coffee breaks were nice, the coffee was quite disappointing. That’s definitely a point to be improved on for next year, as many of us rely on caffeine to survive these 4 days of alternating between conference and socials, while running on very little sleep. 3/10

“An improvised scavenger hunt”

On Friday, the palates of our dear delegates were graced with African curry and beef with peaches. On Saturday, there was sweet & sour chicken/vegetables with tomato sauce. Both were provided by the one and only Cato by Cato. Although the food was deemed tasty by many, a lot of people complained that it was cold and reported they had to go on an improvised scavenger hunt to find microwaves. Some people overhearing this stated their surprise that there were even microwaves available. Someone also complained that they only discovered the rice after having eaten all the topping, which they found to be a “spicy frustration”. 7/10

On the final day, lunch was catered by Levantini. Delegates could choose between pita labneh, sabich and falafel. Everyone seemed very pleased with it. We had a bite at the sabich and the falafel, which were both delicious! Pita sabich: 8/10. Pita falafel: 8.5/10

There were also fairly nice but slightly dry homemade sweets. Vegan: 6.5/10. Non-vegan: 7.5/10.

- Sal Ami


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