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[SCMP] Security Council fails to set speaking time

Frederick A. Lloyd for South China Morning Post

The United Nations Security Council is off to a promising start. In its first session at EuroMUN 2022, the world’s most important international committee has failed to set a speaking time for the upcoming session. Due to procedural stunts pulled by the Russian Federation and the United States, all motions to set a speaking time failed. Accordingly, the committee fell back to its default speaking time which, however, the chairs and the delegations present could not agree on either. Eventually, the speaking time was set to three minutes, the longest permissible speaking time at EuroMUN. For the coming days, the delegations of the world’s most powerful nations thus will be given plenty of time to indulge in polished speeches.

The citizens of Sudan, whose fate the Security Council will be discussing, may have less time to savour the lavish speaking time as the political turmoil in the country continues. The opening speeches of the delegations, many of them kept to much less than the available three minutes, put forward a plentitude of proposals to support Sudan’s transition to a stable government (not necessarily according to Western imperialist ideals, as the delegation of the People’s Republic of China was eager to point out). This promises a productive work atmosphere on the world stage which can hopefully be maintained throughout the remaining conference.


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